Escaping a room may entail the use of simple tools, the possibility to move or lift objects, mental stress and psychological pressure, the possibility of being enclosed in small areas alone or with a larger group of people and potentially narrow passages or complicated obstacles. However, all safety rules must be respected at all times (e.g. sockets, glass objects etc).

After entering an escape room, the door will close and it will remain closed for the duration of the game. Exiting in cases of emergency is feasible but that does not include a refund. If all puzzles and riddles of the room are not solved when the predetermined time for the game has passed, a game master will help the team exit the room. The inability to complete the game does not entail a refund.

During the game nothing needs to be broken or forced open. The teams must NOT destroy the props or the equipment of the business. If a room is forced to close temporarily due to damage inflicted by a team, then the cost of repairs will be covered by the members of this team.

The game master has the right to stop the game and remove the players from the premises without a refund, as well as prevent them from booking future games if he/she deems that the behaviour of the team is dangerous or destructive.


The use of mobile phones or any other video recording device in the rooms is forbidden and the players cannot publish information about the rooms’ content in social networks (e.g. facebook, instagram etc) or other public web pages.


The venue is video recorded for safety reasons and for enabling the proper game flow. However, none of the recorded material will be used for advertising reasons without prior consent.


Individuals with health issues, such as heart problems, seizures, claustrophobia, pregnant women etc may enter the escape rooms only on their own responsibility.